DROB-BOGS offers deep freezing and storage of meat products, animal fats and vegetables and fruits. The cold store with an area of 1200 square meters and a capacity of 4 000 pallets is equipped with a mobile shelving system and 4 loading docks.
Products are frozen in the freezing tunnels with a capacity of 20 tonnes each in the temperature up to -38 ° C. Then the products are stored in the freezing facility in a high storage system in a constant temperature in accordance with veterinary requirements, i.e. from – 18 ° C to – 22 ° C.
The cold store is equipped with an electronic temperature monitoring system in different compartments and an integrated computer system allowing for efficient warehouse management. The cold store facility is covered by Third Party Insurance (OC in Polish) in the event of theft or other accidental causes, and the company’s area is protected by round-the-clock professional security.
We offer:

  • freezing of products in the temperature of up to -38 ˚ C (ammonia),
  • storage of products in the temperature ranging from – 18 ° C to – 22 ° C,
  • a fully electronic bar-code marking,
  • settlement on the basis of a day,
  • high efficiency refrigeration,
  • storage surface with a capacity of 4 000 tonnes,
  • professional advice on freezing and storage,
  • manual and mechanical handling of products,
  • palletizing, tagging, labelling, completing.

Additional information can be found on the main page of DROB-BOGS.


DROB-BOGS has the right to trade and store products of animal origin in the European Union. The process of freezing and storage takes place here under strict veterinarian supervision and according to international standards of quality and hygiene. Safety and quality is guaranteed by additionally implemented and integrated management system (HACCP).


Cold store is situated in a very convenient location: in the centre of Poland – 120 km from Warsaw, and only 3 km from Warsaw-Katowice expressway. The exact location is shown on the interactive map below: